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The legal profession in England and Wales has a long and exciting history – considerably of what is practised these days has its roots in Medieval Europe and in the formation of secular tribunals in England beneath the rule of Henry II which led to the formation of ‘common law’ in about 1150. It was a departure from the preceding general constitutional order in the UK that legislation could be made, and even principal legislation amended, by secondary legislation. In practice International Law is regarded as law, consequently the states are bound to stick to them not only from moral point of view but from legal point of view also. From these Egyptian rulers, the Greek folks had learned bodily workouts, foot races, and horse and chariot races…. But the ideal factor that the Egyptians had taught the Greeks was to turn out to be docile, and to permit themselves to be formed by the law for the public very good. Percy E.Corbett says, The triumph of positivism in the late eighteenth century produced the individual an object not a topic of international law.

Immigration law and nationality law concern the rights of foreigners to live and function in a nation-state that is not their own and to obtain or shed citizenship Both also involve the proper of asylum and the dilemma of stateless men and women. Examples of private Law are Law of contract, property Law, loved ones Law, Law of tort and equity, Law of trust, and industrial Law. International conventions and conferences also treat international Law as Law in its true sense. The townspeople took the law into their own hands before the sheriff took action.

In a case of Badri Lal v/s State of M.P.-1989: The powers below this section are undoubtedly wide and the Session …

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